Guess what this man used to rob a bank?

A piece of paper to rob a bank??


Bank Robbery

It’s like breaking a piggy!

Happened on the 7th, of July 2016 at 11.25am in a bank at a location in Singapore named Holland Village.

The suspect apparently handed a piece of paper over the counter to the teller demanding $30,000 in cash from a Standard Chartered branch.
The crime happened on the 7th, of July 2016 at 11.25am at a location in Singapore named Holland Village.
It was reported that there was no security staff present when it happened.
It is not known how the suspect is able to walk out of the branch without any actions from the bank teller. Major thefts like this are uncommon in Singapore and are rarely heard of.
In the known history of crime in Singapore, during the month of November in the year 2008, a man dressed as a lady endeavored to burglarize a UOB office at City Plaza.

A police investigation is still ongoing to apprehend the suspect at large.

Unbelievable isn’t it!?

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