Phone in the picture? Where is it?

This picture will stimulate your minds and will probably freak you out when you find the elusive phone.

Uploaded by Facebook user Jeya May Cruz, a Dell Sales Representative based in the Philippines, this photo went viral immediately the moment she posted it.
The post is currently at 130k Likes and 18k Shares!

Here’s a picture from one of the comments on her post. The easy way out to find the solution is to photoshop it.

The Missing phone


The picture recently featured in, a popular site and News 5, a Philippines News Network.

Have you tried finding the phone yet?

The phone hidden within the picture is very hard to locate, isn’t it.

For those are still figuring out where the phone is, it is an optical illusion. As with all optical illusion, you must really try looking at it in detail.

Can you find it?

HOT TIP : Try and look for it in the upper right quadrant of the picture.

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