How Did Pokemon GO Become the Best? Find Out

It is everywhere. It’s popping up everywhere in social media channels. The latest viral craze is all about the Pokemon GO. This mobile app game is currently available in the Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. According to Niantic Labs has had to “pause” the international rollout so as to not overload its servers due to its popularity.

Pokemon GO which is a mobile game app released just this month of July 2016 and everyone even celebrities like Felix Kjellberg a.k.a. PewDiePie is raving about it.

Before going into the details, let us go back in history. Pokemon has been around way back in 1995 and is created by Satoshi Tajiri. Exclusively designed for the Nintendo GameBoy as a console game.

It is a free to play Augmented Virtual Reality game created by a company Niantic Labs whereby a player can find other players with their mobile phone.

This feature is pretty engaging because you will need to meet the person to battle it out between your Pokemon characters. Finally, a mobile app that requires a person to be out and about to progress through the game.

The unique feature of the game is where there are good and bad things happening.

Pokemon GO Augmented Reality.

Pokemon GO Augmented Reality.

Robbed by Pokemon GO

Just take a look at this unbelievable article from They use the game to find their victims by anticipating where people might go through favorite PokeStops. These are virtual sites in the game that can occur at any real word location. There are already nine victims reported since it was released.

Local businesses are luring customers to their establishment.

According to an article found on, companies are filling up their head with ideas on how to attract customers because of the popularity of the game.
Currently, PokeStops or PokeGyms are pre-determined placed by Niantic Labs likely using a combination of Google Maps and a special algorithm.

Final thoughts.

Play responsibly and be aware of your surrounding, do not get into trouble just because of the game.
If you own a local store or business, do get that unique angle and hit it while it is hot.
Also, please don’t drive and hunt Pokémon.

Pokemon GO 2


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