10 Viral Photos That Are Actually Fake

Is it fake or is it real?

Seeing is believing but have it ever crossed your mind that what you are seeing is not always the truth? Fake images abound on the internet. It is up to your discretion to figure it out. Photoshop experts are making you thinking thrice about the credibility of these pictures. We have scouted around the web and present to you the best 10 fake viral photos ever to surface on the internet.


Fake Shark Attack

Great White Shark Attacks Military Personnel (Source: Youtube)

That shark must be starving by the looks of it, but sadly it is a photoshopped picture. It consists of two different section of picture photoshopped together to created this incredible and convincing picture. It is a hoax that has gone wildly viral. Reports stated that it was widely circulated with a claimed as “National Geographic Picture of the Year.”


Fake Hurricane Sandy Hits Liberty

Hurricane Sandy Hits Liberty (Source: AwesomeInventions)

Hurricane Sandy hits the Statue of Liberty claimed the person uploading this photo, but it was taken from the Jake Gyllenhaal blockbuster movie The Day After Tomorrow.


Attack of the Sea Spiders (Source :allday.com)

Attack of the Sea Spiders (Source: allday.com)

Looks like a creature from the movie Aliens! Long spine with spider-like legs. It would be scary if it were true.


Fake Fat Cat

Big Fat Domestic Cat (Source: Snopes)

That is one HEALTHY cat.



It is edible. (Source: Twitter)

If there are grasshoppers as big as a bunny, that would be the end of farms.


fallen entity

Angel? Fairy? Sprite? (Source: izismile.com)

This thing whatever you may think is made by a person name Dan Baines of Derbyshire from England. He made it with the intention to sell it as a prop on April fools as a joke on Ebay.


Fake 1955 Bikini Shot

A picture from 1955? (Source: Diply)

The subject in the image is adult film star Aria Giovanni, born in the year 1977. Go figure!


Shark after a storm.

Shark after a storm. (Source: Imgur)

Nice photoshop skills there. Props to the guy.


Mermaid having a tan.

Mermaid had a tan. (Source: shareonline)

A Mermaid is found dead while tanning on the beach.


Addicted to Tornado

Balls of steel. (Source: dailymail)

A viral video featuring a man going into a tornado has gathered 15 Million Views. The video is a hoax and was produced by Woolshed Company with the claim of doing a social experiment. Guess they succeeded.

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