Any man willing to be circumcised twice by a beautiful doctor?

Apparently, these photos of a circumcision doctor went viral recently due to her unparalleled beauty.



Her name is Krestle Lailene Deomampo. She became viral in social media not only because of her beauty but because she is a professional in the circumcision department.

This wonderful circumcision doctor is originally from Davao, Philippines. She became famous ever since she willingly circumcise 28 teenagers for free at San Pedro National Highschool at Laguna in the Philippines.

Ever since then many visitors take pictures of her and post them to social media channels. Many netizens agreed if she is the most beautiful circumcision doctor in the world.

Krestle is an expert in circumcision using dorsumsisi or conventional methods instead of using lasers to do the work.

A lot netizen commented that they would be circumcised again if a doctor did it was as cute and beautiful as Doctor Krestle.



krestle lailene deomampo


Would you?


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